ISP Alumni Connect app now available for Android phones and iPhone

We now have an ISP Alumni Connect app available for Android phones and iPhone.
Click here for Android, and here for iPhone.
How useful will it be? Well, it again depends on how many people end up activating their account and using it for posting jobs, get-togethers, start-up financing, etc, so we hope that it will grow in importance over time.
There is also a pretty cool map function that shows you the 30 closest ISP Alumni to you at any particular moment.
You click on the compass icon:
Inline image 1
And then it shows you the closest Alumni. Note that it doesn't repopulate as you move, unfortunately - it only shows those who are closest to where you are at that moment. In addition, it shows those who have not yet activated their account - but they'll hopefully do so soon!
Inline image 2
Warm regards to you, wherever you are in the world,

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